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Beta End 8th of October.
Coming Soon 2024
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Grand Opening ETHER x45

14 October, 2023 • 18:00 (UTC +1)
Clan Rewards.
News 01.07.2023

Hello @everyone
💠 Calling All Clans to Conquer and Claim Glorious Rewards!
💠 We extend an open invitation to all clans within our esteemed server,
offering a chance to rally your forces and strive for greatness together.

🔹 Requirements:
To partake in this event and become eligible for the coveted rewards,
please ensure that your clan meets the following criteria:

🔸 Minimum clan members: 15
🔸 Each clan must consist of unique players
🔸 Members of your clan must successfully attain level 76+

🔹 In recognition of your united front and exceptional accomplishments, we are prepared to bestow upon the deserving clans the following remarkable rewards:

🔸 Clan level 8
🔸 Full Clan Skill

Your opinion matters you are our supporters.
🆙Discord:"Click here to visit Discord"

Summer Season.
Grand Opening 16.06.2023

💠 Hello @everyone
🔸 As everyone knows, midrate servers usually last no more than 2 months.
🔸 We have decided to guarantee 3 seasons of 4 months duration per year to offer our players the fresh start that they like to have time to time but without wiping the server too early to give all players the opportunity to enjoy it with calm.
🔸 This will all change when the server gets to the point it has a lot of players.
🔸 Then it will become stable without a wipe.

Your opinion matters you are our supporters.
🆙Discord:"Click here to visit Discord"

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