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Beta Opening

17 February, 2023 • 22:00 (UTC +2)
NEW UPDATE 30.01.2023

Dear Lineage 2 players the MetaWars project Grand Opening will eventually become our BETA. We do this so you can help us to find more issue & bugs.

End of Beta Test:
The Beta test will end on Monday, 27st of February 2023 during the day.
All modifications intended for the Beta Test will be removed.
The whole game world will be wiped (only the game accounts you have on your web profile will remain).
🆙Discord:"Click here to visit Discord"

NEW UPDATE 15.11.2022

Dear Lineage 2 players the MetaWars project will transfer to the classic client chronicle but the gameplay will be interlude, it was a very difficult decision because the project was almost complete but because people are happy with this chronicle (classic) we decided to do this. The transition will, of course, delay the Grand Opening, we estimate about two months in addition, stay tuned on discord.

Our features:
We use classic Interlude rules, no Kamaels, new races or new gear (maximum S gr like it should be on Interlude). But yes, we are using a new modern client, and we add new content to make your gameplay more varied and interesting.
So if you before play only on default Interlude servers it will be not a problem for you.
⚔️ Grand Opening Date: 17th of February.
💥 Max 2 Windows per HWID.
✅NO FREE EXP/ITEMS - you have to earn everything with effort.
✅NO P2W - No boosters for donations, you have to get everything by yourself.
🆙Discord:"Click here to visit Discord"

NEW UPDATE 15.10.2022

Dear players!
⚔️ Grand Opening Date: 17th of December

The main difference between L2MetaWars Interlude and other midrate servers is that you cannot buy ingame advantage such as exp bonuses, items, enchants, adenas… everything is earn by self effort and dedication, no more P2W.
We will advertise the server in topsites, discord, mail, google ads and facebook ads but we won’t never pay any clan or cp to play our server or give any special advantage in the game for “important clans”, “popular players” or similars.

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